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MenuPro: Create your own restaurant menus!
The fastest way to create in-house menus

Comes with instant menu designs, fonts, graphics — even a culinary spell-checker.

Create a new specials menu daily! Make menu changes without waiting for design or printing services.

Save money by printing your menus in-house.

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Who's using SoftCafe MenuPro?

See who uses our Menu Designs See who uses our Menu Designs See who uses our Menu Designs 

& Over 20,000 Independent Restaurants and Cafés Worldwide

"The best software on the market for Menu Design is MenuPro."
—J. A. Mendez, The Chefs Commandments Book
“It paid for itself the first menu we created”
—Blair Mineault, the Copper Penny Restaurant
“It helps users design menus. And it does it astoundingly well.”
—Haddayr Woods, Software News Magazine
“Menus created are indistinguishable from print-shop menus.”
—Paul Moomaw, Restaurants USA Magazine