Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MenuPro?

A menu software program, for Windows, that lets you easily create and update your restaurant menus. It offers professional designs and instant layouts with point-and-click design customization, plus feature rich options to help you increase sales of high-profit menu items.

What size menus can I create?

Any size. Popular sizes are 8½ x 11, 8½ x 14 and 11 x 17 but you can create any custom or odd size using inches or metrics. And that's with every MenuPro Menu Style – they're all size independent.

Can I use my own logo and food photos?

Yes, you can place any number of your own images on any menu. Or you can choose from 1500+ ready-made Artisan images, backgrounds, and borders that come with MenuPro.

Can I change artwork or column layouts?

Yes, any background, border, font, or graphical element – even columns – can be changed or swapped into any Menu Style at any time.

Are there limits to how many menus I can make?

The sky's the limit with MenuPro – you can make any number of menus for any number of restaurants and add thousands of foods into the list.

Am I limited to the page content of a set template?

No. Unlike templates, Menu Styles allow you to get creative with flexible content and layout changes. With Menu Styles you won't have to re-write your vital menu copy just to fit it on the page.

What kind of printer should I use?

Any ink jet or color laser. Consumer printers now rival those in print shops and take any paper type – bright white semi-gloss, heavy card stock, or simple elegant parchment. For large print runs, use a PDF menu at a local Fedex Kinkos or print shop for 'same-day' pickup.

Will it work on Windows 10?

Yes, it runs on any version of Windows, all the way down to XP.

Is there a recurring monthly fee?

No. MenuPro is a native application that is installed onto your computer. The price is a flat fee, not a subscription. Most customers recoup the cost after printing their menus just one time.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use it?

No. MenuPro runs on your PC desktop so it's super fast and quick. Since it's not internet dependent you can make last-minute menu substitutions and price changes whenever you want - even in those inevitable times when you're without internet connectivity.

Can I use my own fonts?

Yes. Our Menu Styles come with pre-selected fonts but you can change them to any font on your PC. Many restaurateurs want to brand their menus with their own fonts and MenuPro lets them do that.

Can I put my menus on my Website?

Yes. MenuPro comes with a PDF/JPG creator and Web Uploader to publish menus to your website or Facebook in seconds. We also offer a free Menu App for Facebook to ensure your Facebook page sports the same branded and custom menu that you use in-house.

Do I need a word-processor?

No. MenuPro was engineered from the ground up to free you from the hassles of Word, Publisher, or similar document editing programs.

Can I install MenuPro on a network?

Yes, but MenuPro is not designed for network use where multiple users simultaneously access the database. If you need to share content, check out iMenuPro.

Will it work on a Mac?

No. For use on a Mac, check out the web app version iMenuPro which runs on Mac's, PC's, Chromebook's, and tablets.

How does MenuPro 10 differ from iMenuPro?

iMenuPro is our latest version so it has many features not available in MenuPro 10. Click here to give iMenuPro a free test drive.